Tempest Brewing - Mexicake. 11%ABV imperial stout, brewed with cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla and chiles. This brewery is new to me, but as you may have gathered from earlier posts I love me some imperial stouts with Mexican inspired flavors added. Westbrook - Mexican Cake is the obvious inspiration here, but unfortunately it falls a bit short. Though it's got a decent malt base it falls short in the body and spice. It feels a bit thin, and I was having a hard time picking out the many flavors that are added. Still, there's some fun stuff going on in this beer, but apparently it's way better on tap. Go figure. 4/5 . . . . #beer #craftbeer #beerporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beergeek #bier #cerveja #cerveza #craftbeerporn #beerlover #birra #beernerd #beers #beertography #cheers #beerme #beersnob #brewery #tempestbrewing #beersofinstagram #beertime #bar #imperialstout #craftbeerlover #beergasm #cervejaartesanal #biere


🍻🍻 saúde!!
I find with this one that it takes a little while to warm up, the chilli usually pops up on the aftertaste. Try and get a hold of some other tempest beers. They do barrel aged Mexicake now πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
@mrbeerdy bourbon BA sounds great. Only other we have access to here is the Red Eyr Flight Mocha Porter. Tried that one?
@thelordoflambic I've had that once before, wasn't my favourite. They're definitely expanding so hopefully shouldn't be long until you see more of their stuff available πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ»
@mrbeerdy nice, I'll be on the lookout. Cheers
Sounds like a winner to me. Cheers 🍻
I freaking LOVE @tempestbrewingco !! Every beer I have had from them has been great. I had the barrel aged version of this beer at Borefts festival this year and it was amazing!
@craftbeergirl.nl Aww man I've gotta go back there next year!