Manga : Himitsu no Ai-chan >> finished >> ongoing translation -- My current favorite manga! πŸ’– The art is unique and cute. I also like this sensei storyline in her every manga. πŸ˜„ ~ -- Mangahere/Mangafox -- #HimitsunoAichan #himitsunoaichanmanga #manga #shoujo #shoujomanga #mangashoujo #mangaromance #mangagirl #mangaboy #shoujogirl #mangakiss #mangahug #mangalover #mangacouple #mangaworld #mangaland #mangamaid #mangagenderbender #mangakawai #favmanga #potatotaku


@nerea.espi ui ii
Where did u read ittttt????😭😭
it's on mangafox?
Wanna @r.a_dimas23
But where can we find the following chapters
I think they stop the translation 😫😫
@jon_a_cenameri 9 manga es
@sherinasalim 9 manga es
@potatotaku_senpai is there any english doubled version
@paulapoet22 yeah too bad 😭
@waklekwakpic sweet tk
@_d_a_r_t_h_ in Spanish Hosmer Charters but is not finished either
but it isn't completed
Stops at chapter 18😩😩😩😩
It's been a years and I'm still waiting
@banan.diler yes. The translation is
@jon_a_cenameri no
@potatotaku_senpai how badπŸ˜… else i cant read it
The Mandarin translation is at 41 but some are missing
I like thus manga since high school, and it's already stop at chapter 18.. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
i love this manga😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 but this manga is stop at chap 18 and i still waiting😡😭😭
Where can i read it?
@ayushiey mangarock
@jishadess thanks..😍
Have they finally finished this manga
i love this manga so much