Looking up at the ceiling at Hosios Loukas Monastery was jaw dropping. It’s hard to tell, but the yellow was sparkly gold when the light shone on it. It was one of the prettiest churches I’ve ever seen. ▪️ The Hosios Loukas Monastery is not as well known as some other churches around the world, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Athens for a few days. It’s easy to combine Delphi and Hosios Loukas Monastery in one day! ⛪️ It is still a working Monastery today 🌎It is a UNESCO World Heritage site 🏗 It is the only church that was built in mainland Greece in the tenth century • • • #greecelover_gr #greece #greecestagram #ig_greece #explore_greece #topgreecephoto #visitgreece #delphi #athens #athensgreece #exploregreece #worldtraveler #passionpassport #wanderlust #tlpicks #natgeoyourshot #wonderfulgreece #wonderlustgreece #perfect_greece #discovergreece #exquisite_greece #traveltoexplore #travelmoments


That detail is just gorgeous! 😍
Wow wow wow 😮 I always find monasteries very peaceful and calm
Simply magnificent! 😀🌎
Wow hear details are just soooo stunning 💛
Loving all those details on the ceiling!
@andreastravelss Thank you!! It was unbelievably beautiful in person!
This is actually amazing!! 😍😍😍
Those beautiful details!!
There is a similar place in Ravenna! In love with this!
@travelholicsouls Someone else told me the same thing!! Looks like I need to add that to my bucket list 😉
Looks like i could scrap some of that😂 great photo!
Wow! This is next level
Wow I want a ceiling like that. It’s gorgeous
Gosh love cieling work like this
These details are truly inspiring! Amazing shot 😊🙌🏼
Wow love those artistic stuff
What a beautiful ornate ceiling
I haven’t heard of it... it looks beautiful
Beautiful architecture ! Love it
Love how intricate this is!
That's a gorgeous ceiling. I remember my first time in a church like that, it wasn't as beautiful but still got my jaw to drop to the floor
Never heard of it but wow those details are impressive 😮😍
This looks incredible! Such a lovely impression!
I love the architecture and the motifs 😍😍😍
So sparkly and golden! Light or no 😍
This is so beautiful!
Wonderful 💎|👏
@igers.official Thank you so much! 🙏🏽💕😊
Wow so beautiful. Enjoy
Love the details! Just beautiful ❤️
Wow that’s such an impressive place
I was there in 2003 you are so right is an UNESCO SITE definitely worth a visit 💜💜💜
Wow that ceiling looks like a masterpiece of art 😍😍
@mychickenworld oh that’s so great you got to visit!! It is so beautiful there! 💕
@travel_ust Thank you!! 🙏🏽
@je.decastro it’s amazing how much detail they put in these churches!
There is so many beautiful churches around the world! I’ve been lucky enough to see some for myself and I am constantly blown away!
Thought you were in Italy for a second!!
This looks so amazing! Love the beautiful artwork!
I literally making lists of all these places as this year or next I hope to do a trip to Athens and meteora combined
Such a stunning ceiling!
Wow you are making me discover soooo many new things 😍😍😍😍
Wow! Spectacular!
Wow that ceiling is really stunning!
I always love to look up...sky, roofs, birds, always something to see... stunning shot 😁
Wow so fascinating 😍 love the shot
The interiors are really mesmerizing... it would have been great if you could attend a ceremony there too..you would be amazed😌
Wow! This is so beautiful 💙
It is so beautiful 🙏🏼
Wow fantastic shot
Oh it's so beautiful! And I can only imagine what it was like IRL
Omg that ceiling is INCREDIBLE!
Amazing! The details of the place is superb.
This one is seriously AMAZING!
@areti_frrr There was actually a baptism happening while we were there, but of course we didn’t intrude. I would have loved to experience it!
Fantastic shot! So great
I wish i had talent to paint like this
The details are just beyond this world!
Woahhh cool ceiling 😍
Loving all these beautiful details!
Damn missed that one when I was there...
Wow! This ceiling is unbelievable!’
Wow this celling is so artistic and beautiful
Wow! It’s incredible how talented they were years ago
Wow how beautiful! Church’s have the best ceilings going that’s for sure
Beautiful mosaic 😍
So much detail! I love mosaics
i have a bit of an obsession for pretty ceilings like this 😍😍😍