Need to switch it up? Gym super crowded? Wanna make your workouts more fun? • Theme of the week continues: #dosomethingdifferent • I am 7 years behind all things technology BUT if you didn’t know, you can click the little flag at the bottom right to save this workout and come back to it when you need some workout inspo. That’s what I do all the time. • What ya need: cable machine + rope + positive thoughts • Full Body Cable Workout FIVE, yes, five rounds - rest 2 minutes between rounds • Then I did 10 HIIT sprints outside and felt so happy after. • 1. Tricep Pushdowns - 15 reps 2. Back Rows - 15 reps 3. Squat to Deadlift- 15 reps (thank @brittanyannette for this one) 4. Cable Crunches- 20 reps 5. Single Leg Deadlift- 15 reps each • Been getting asked a lot about when Chasing Freedom Movement opens back up. It opens on June 1 but I have a waitlist because I am just opening it up to 15 spots this time. #intimate DM me your email if you wanna get on the next waitlist. Check out my story to learn more or the link in my bio! • • • #chasingfreedom #chasingfreedommovement #teambodybuildingcom #cableworkout #fullbodyworkout #freeworkout #workoutoftheday #workoutvideos #workoutvideo #tricepsworkout #personaltrainer #gymgirlvids #bodybuildingcom #totalbodycircuit #funworkouts #abwork #summerbody