Phaeocollybia, probably P. olivacea, although P. pseudofestiva is similar. These handsome mushrooms are notable for their bold colors and more so their long rooting stipes. Often only the cap and a small portion of the stipe will stick out, but when unburied, the stipe is often 2-3x more in length. This one is actually fairly short stiped for the genus. Phaeocollybia is a good genus to know when surveying land for conservation. They are often associated with old growth and many of them are included on the BLM survey & manage list. That means if you find one, an area around it should be protected from logging or other disturbance. This was found on a field trip through the @oregonmycologicalsociety at the Oregon coast in October, growing with Sitka spruce, a tree more common in old growth areas. #Phaeocollybia #Phaeocollybiaolivacea #mycology #micologia #hongos #fungi #pilze #zwam #conservation #landconservation #surveyandmanage #mushroomhunting #mushroomsofinstagram #mushroomsofOregon #allthemushroomhashtags